//28 things about 28//

Hello friends…

I recently wrote this and then went back and got scared to post it. I finally talked myself back into it and edited this and then added more and then took some out. All in all, I think I’ve come up with a list that mimics what 28 has meant to me. Age is just a number, but this number has done some work on me this year. I’ve never been more excited for a new year. So, I hope you read this and hear my heart and understand where I’m coming from. 🙂

Linds Jo

I’m a list maker, you all know this. So to commemorate my birthday month (and Harry Potter’s), I’ve compiled a list of 28 things you should know about 28. So, prepare yourself.

1. Do something that scares you. I started a business. I did. Despite all you haters who talk MAJOR SMACK about Rodan and Fields, I’m having a blast earning extra money and not spending a bunch of money on makeup! This was scary to me because there are so many people hating on having a business. You’re unhappy with where you’re at and I almost let that person keep me from doing this? You crazy? Y’all. Find that opportunity and take it. Do the scary thing and just commit.

2. Move. Please, please, PLEASE don’t wait too long to move somewhere. I’m 28 years old and it took all I had within me to step out and do what I felt I needed to do. Don’t let anyone keep you from achieving what you desire.

3. Make friends. And I don’t mean, “Hey, that’s my (insert air quotation here) friend Anna (end air quote)”. I mean, be yourself and go to coffee with someone new. One of my closest friends here is the result of a nerve wrecking request to “hang out”. Sarah is the greatest human being ever and I’m in her House Party for her wedding. WHAT?! How does that happen? JESUS. That’s how.

4. Find your own place of worship. I’ve loved church all my life. I’ve grown up in church. One thing I normally do is ask my parents and friends and sisters where they go to church and why they like it. I get great answers, but most of the time, I don’t know what I truly think about different churches. When I moved to Norman, the first thing I did was start looking for a church. And this time it was weird because it was just me. I didn’t have to ask someone what they thought about it. I visited 2 places. The first was nice but I just couldn’t get into it. The worship wasn’t what I enjoyed (someone shouting at you to sing…seriously, this must be stopped), and I just didn’t see myself ending up there. The next place I ended up at was because of a dear family friend telling me to go and with tears on my drive home from Tulsa, I listened to the pastor and prayed he wouldn’t be good so I could just drive home to Tulsa every Sunday. Instead, he was amazing and the worship… Dear Lord. I wept. For the first time, I really felt like “Yeah, this is home and even when I’m done with school, I’ll want to stay here”.

5. Connect. The best experience to branch off of number 4 has been going to Life Group. The leaders are an amazing couple, who didn’t know very much about me just the fact I started going to group while they were on missions. Liz and Trey are fabulous and the people that go to group are incredible. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’m so thankful for that. You need people around you. If you think you don’t, you’re wrong. In my lowest times, my friend Rachel always texts me. It’s like she knows I need something encouraging or silly. I went to group because of her. These connections are priceless.

6. Drive. Just go for a drive around your city. In the summer, drive with the windows down and good music. It’ll lift your spirits.

7. SING. Like, sing loud. Who cares if anyone hears.

8. STUDY. Seriously. Do it. Study people around you. Study your latest piece of fiction you bought at Barnes and Noble. Study how someone takes their coffee and try that next time. Study to show yourself approved.

9. Don’t wear makeup all the time. Don’t. It’s not worth it. Especially when it rains and you won’t be seeing anyone. It ain’t worth it.

10. Go to the library. I have a library card. I love it. Free books? OK.

11. Write letters. Actually handwrite a letter. You’d be surprised who would appreciate a personal note from you and not through a machine.

12. Try something new. I bought myself a calligraphy pen. Why? Because it looked really awesome and I’ve always secretly wanted to see if I could be a cool artist with calligraphy. So far, its not looking great. But I only spent $10 on it. So no big deal!

13. Email people back in a reasonable amount of time. I got out of this habit because for a couple years I lived my life with my phone or computer attached to my body. When I left that position, I made a vow I wouldn’t live like that anymore. So, I actually quit emailing back. I don’t recommend that, but I do recommend acknowledgment. People deserve that.

14. Ask people how they are. I’ve been doing this every day for the last month. If I’m at Target, Starbucks, in the Student Union or whatever, I look the person in the eyes and say “Hi! How are you today?!” and their face changes from downcast and kinda “over it” to “light and airy”. The other day, a man took my order at Chick-fil-a had just finished with a difficult customer and I stepped up and he wasn’t even looking at me. I just said “Hey, how are you?” and he looked me in the face and said “I’m good… you’re the first person to ask me that!” It was 12:15pm. People can be jerks. Make sure you’re not one of them.

15. Take time to explore. I live in Norman. I attend one of the most unique campuses in the United States. It’s old world Harvard meets new modernization. It’s brick and mortar. It’s clean but slightly a mess (no, really. There’s construction everywhere and it’s literally insane). Recently, I was in Nielsen Hall…did you know that’s the physics building? I FOR SURE did not. It was so cool. I walked in and thought “This must be what attending Harvard is like!” There are buildings I have access to, but haven’t experienced yet. Why not?

16. Pay your bills. Be an adult. Welcome to life. You have a credit card? Pay it. You have bills? Pay them. Don’t be a wuss about it. Just do it.

Let’s talk some serious things…

17. Forgive. We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all had people hurt our feelings. It’s easy to say “I’m fine” but to be hating yourself for letting that person in so close that they hurt you that bad. It’s easy to say “I forgive you” and it’s a completely different thing to actually walk it through and let it go. I’m still in the process of saying “I forgive you” and walking through it. I have several people on my list.  I can’t change them. All I can do, let Jesus work on me and help me move through the “stuff” and on to what’s next.

18. Give people a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. I am not an easily trusting person. I usually want to see what people are like before I open up to you. When I trust someone, I truly trust them. I let them in on ALL MY STUFF. I recently was with my friend Jesse and he and I had one of those conversations where “there’s no going back now, YOU KNOW TOO MUCH” deals and I left that table feeling lighter than air. It wasn’t because I dumped all my stuff on him. It was because he shared with me just as much as I shared with him. It was an even exchange. We’d been saying for a long time we’d be friends, and it’s taken me living in Norman and him living in Tulsa for that to happen. I’m thankful that people take chances on me. I’m more than happy to give that same shot to others.

19. Learn from others. You know what, I don’t know everything and NEWSFLASH you don’t either. There’s a reason we’re all on this freaking planet. It’s not to bitch and moan at each other (excuse my french), and it’s certainly not to pin your belief system as more superior than someone else’s. I am a Christian. I love Jesus. I love what his word says. But I don’t like when people take his words and slam them against people he loved and created. Hatred is not acceptable. And when you post those “Oh no, what is our world coming to” posts in relation to what is happening in our world, you are inevitably closing the door on any opportunity to speak into that person’s life. I wish I would’ve been at OU for my entire academic career because I’ve learned more about communicating with people who aren’t exactly like me and I LOVE IT. I lived my life judging people for too long. I let other people tell me how to treat others who lived life differently than me. I was blinded for far too long. Being in a learning environment that supports identity exploration and provides a safe place to do so opens your eyes to what you’re not seeing. All I’m saying, don’t shut others out because they’re not like you.

20. Human relations. Have you ever thought about how you relate to others? Did you know that I’ve been pinching my eyebrows in class every time my professor would mention something I wasn’t sure I believed or agreed with? It wasn’t until I had a great conversation with my now favorite professor that opened my eyes to that fact. “Linds, you’re a beautiful girl who is extremely smart and funny, but every time you’re not sure of something I say in class, your eyes get tight and your eyebrows pinch up. Your whole face changes from bright to unsure. Let’s discuss this because while I know I’m challenging you and you’re about to rise to the occasion and dialog with me, your face would offend the most learned person”. OUCH. I hung my head and said sorry and asked how she noticed. “I was like you. I grew up in a bubble and when I was released in a learning environment that challenged me, it shook me. But here’s what I have to offer you…” This woman offered constructive criticism and did so in a way I would relate to. I went to a PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL from high school to undergrad. NOT A LOT OF EXPLORATION HAPPENING THERE. My professor, a believer by the way, took time to share how she started to learn from every person she got the opportunity to learn from, no matter how different they are. She said the words I value most… “You don’t have to agree with everything someone says or does, but you need to be open enough to hear what they are truly saying. You will learn more from listening than you will from speaking on your soapbox. And guess what? They’ll come back to you”.

21. Family is everything. I love my family. I love them more now that I’m not directly in the same city as them. I make the trek back and forth and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Soon, I’ll have a piece of my heart here with me in Norman and I can’t wait. You don’t realize how special your family is until you don’t have them sitting around your table for pizza night on Sunday night.

22. Dating. Oh boy. Here it is. The WINNER. I’ve tried blind dates. Most of my friends tried (thanks guys) but no. I’ve tried dating apps (don’t ask). I’ve tried just sitting back and waiting because “it’ll happen when you least expect it” (gag me. If one more person tells me this I will throw water in your face and then kindly offer you a towel. Because I’m nice and don’t like hurting people and water is harmless). I’ve tried. I’ve been extremely patient. Patient to the point of hating myself. I decided I should give online dating a decent try because a week on Match.com isn’t really trying it. I’ve now had my account for 2-3 weeks and I’ve met one guy so far and he was so nice! He wasn’t weird. He wasn’t overtly sexual (dudes, this must be stopped. Quit it. No woman wants to deal with that). This guy was genuinely nice and paid for my meal and challenged me to a “therapy session”. He’d never been in one before and I said I needed practice. He lasted 8 minutes and said “Wow. You’re good. You’ll be a great therapist.” Dating isn’t bad. It can be fun, and it can ridiculously trying. It’s all about the approach. If you’re happy and approaching it as something fun.. you’ll have fun.

23. Mental health. Guys, if you don’t have a problem going to take your car in for a routine check up, then you shouldn’t have a problem going and sitting with a counselor for 45minutes to an hour. I hate (and I don’t use the word hate very often) the stigma that comes with mental health. We all have crap in our lives. We’ve all been bullied. We’ve all had that moment where everything got really weird and unstable and our breath started to get really quick and and our heart raced. Mental health should be talked about. Y’all, the struggle is real. Anxiety is real. Panic attacks are the scariest things ever. ADD sucks. But with the right people to help me through those issues, my life has changed for the better. Don’t wait another minute to go for your “mental health check up”.

24. Regrets. It’s ok to have regrets. Just make sure those regrets don’t take up all the room in your head. Regrets are real and most of the time, they keep us from stepping out to do something different. That sucks. Don’t let the regrets of your past keep you from an exciting future!

25. Breathe. In moments where people drive me crazy or maybe I’m just disappointed in myself for a situation that happened, I tend to hold my breath. It’s true! It’s weird. It’s like I just stop breathing for a minute. When stuff like this creeps up, breathe in and breathe in deep. Then close your eyes and just take a sec and let it all out. Let out all the stuff that your upset with and just let it all out.

26. Write down everything. There are some things you just can’t speak of. That’s where writing comes into play.

27. Let it go. Who knew you could learn something from Elsa. One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn and continue to learn is to let things go. There are things I’ve gone through that still haunt me. “Why? Why did I let that happen?” “Why on earth would I say that to that person?! I probably hurt them so badly!” “What was I thinking? I was being selfish…” “Why did I let that person in so close?” Hear me when I say this: that’s shame talking to you. Shame sucks. It’s the worst enemy to you when you’re trying to move forward. Shame is that mean friend who, when you have something bad happen in your life, chimes in to  let you know just how bad that thing is in your life. Shame is the worst. The only way to combat that… acknowledge where you went wrong, make a mental note to not walk in that same pattern again, and let it go. You can’t change people. You can’t go back and fix what went wrong. But, you can decide to not do that thing again or not let that particular person who hurt you hurt you again. It’s hard, but it can be done.

and… last but not least…

28. Look back but don’t stop there. I’ve heard it said “don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” I get that. I do. But sometimes, it’s good to reflect. Reflection is an important part of life. When I look over what got me to this particular place in life, I don’t dwell on the crap that happened, and trust me, there’s been a lot. I go to the happy things. I go to the moments that shaped me into who I am right now. I think of my friends who helped me get here. I think of the mentors I’ve chatted hours on end with about life and the future. I think of the pastors who never stopped praying for me and always were encouraging. I think of the new friends who have laughed with me and cried with me and who have been so uplifting it makes me tear up writing this. I wish I could mention everyone by name, but I know I would inevitably leave someone important out. But I can mention these people by name: my mom, my dad, and my sisters Jessica and Hailey. Without them, I would still be stuck in the rut that I found myself in. My parents didn’t always understand my thought processes or reasons for why I did certain things or hung out with certain friends, but they never questioned me. Jess and Hailey have had moments where they’ve switched roles with me. They were able to see more than I could at a particular moment and then encourage me to get back up and move on. There have been moments where they were stronger than me. I’ve learned so much from them and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be me without them.

Here’s to 28. I’ve probably hated you more than loved you, but I’m thankful I walked through every single moment. And I can honestly say, 29 has never looked better. And I’ve never been more excited for a new decade.

#ageisjustanumber 🙂


life update…

Ohhhhh Friends…

You all know I’m in Grad School and that I am working for a little boutique in Norman and loving it. But it takes money to go to school, pay bills and even live. I’ve thought about doing this for awhile, but didn’t want to, but I’m not scared about this anymore, so here goes: I want to take a minute to speak to you from my heart and ask you to consider helping me build my new Rodan + Fields business. I am working hard and could really use your support. Would you please consider making a purchase from my website? These amazing products were created by the world-renowned doctors who created the multi-billion dollar Proactiv industry. Doctor Katie Rodan and Doctor Kathy Fields are the most quoted dermatologists in the country and they know what they’re doing. A personal side to my family–Dr. Rodan saved my grandmother’s life from skin cancer before I even knew about ProActiv or anything. So, anything with Dr. Rodan’s name on it, I’m in! Now, they have created an anti-aging skincare line with a regimen for every skin issue.

**REDEFINE is for fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening
**REVERSE is for reversing sun damage, fading brown spots, brightening over all skin tone
**UNBLEMISH is for acne or more than four or five breakouts each month
**SOOTHE is for sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis

Each regimen is a TWO month supply and there is a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee on everything!! There are three ways to order:

Retail – you go to my website and SHOP NOW – quick and easy…but no money saved…

Preferred Customer – same as above, but choose PC PERKS at checkout. With this option, you save 10% and get free shipping on every scheduled order. There is a one-time, $19.95 fee, but that is a wash with your first 10% off savings, and you still receive free shipping on that first order. 6 times a year, you receive a courtesy email saying that your replenishment regimen is ready to ship. At that time, you may choose to edit, delay or cancel your order.

Consultant – as a consultant, you get 25% off all the wonderful products and you don’t even have to build a business if you don’t want to! You want to wash your face with the best stuff? Then you can sign up as a consultant and save money! If you would like information about becoming a consultant and building your own business, let’s talk! Email me lindsjdavis@myrandf.com. 🙂

There are also many other great products that you use daily such as sunscreen, lotion and make-up removing cloths. You can find everything on my website and I’d be more than happy to get on the phone with you and walk you through the ordering process.

My website is: lindsjdavis.myrandf.com. Look around and if you’re ready to order…let’s talk! 😉

Thank you so much for your willingness to help me have a successful start to this new beginning. I appreciate you very much.

Love y’all,


Soothe Regimen: for sensitive skin and severe acne and psoriasis

Reverse: reduces brown spots and sun damage

Unblemish: MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! I love it. :) Bye bye acne!

60 day challenge!

//Manic Monday//

I know last night was the Super Bowl, which I watched in entirety and LOVED it. Talk about an exciting game. For a girl who claims the NCAA (OU specifically) and NBA as her respective sports, I loved watching the Super Bowl last night! 2 of the best teams out there who earned (cough, cough…not you TOM BRADY…cheater) their place in that game, it was brilliant from start to finish. So brilliant in fact, that I did no studying or paper writing until about 11:15 and then put away the computer so I could watch my parasocial boyfriend Jimmy Fallon do his thang on the Live Tonight Show. I’ll explain parasocial in another post… I woke up today ready for this week. Mondays are not usually anyone’s favorite day and I think that’s sad. Monday deserves some love. It’s not her fault you hate Mondays, it’s your own, but I digress…

Here is my list of what makes Monday great:

1. It’s the beginning of something new. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, the weekend just sucks. It does. You may or may not have experienced a bad weekend, but I have. Not physically bad, but maybe mentally so. I have issues in my thinking right now. I have made some decisions where I look back and I’m like “What the hell are you doing Davis? What on earth makes you think this is the situation you should be in right now? Come on! Will you ever learn?” I realize that may sound like I’m a constantly guilty person and the truth is…I am. I have grown up in this weird bubble where I was more concerned with pleasing people around me than pleasing God. I’ve always been a yes girl. I’ve never stood up and said “Nahhh, I’m good.” This past weekend wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either. I said some things I probably should’ve locked away forever. I probably should’ve said no a lot more than yes. I was more confused by my “bipolar” behavior than ever before. I am not bipolar, but when I know what decision I want to make and still make the wrong one expecting something different, that’s a problem! I’m thankful for Monday because just like with God, all things are new. The slate is wiped clean and it’s time to buckle down and get back on track. Listen, what I’m explaining makes it sound like I’m some harlot who went around and did whatever I wanted… No. That did not happen. I’m not a harlot. I’m human and just like you, I made decisions and this weekend was probably the time I should’ve had my phone turned off and not texted that one person. Oops. That’s what I’m talking about. Hah. Sorry, my life is exciting but not that exciting. 😉

2. Get it together. You get to re-plan out the things you didn’t do last week and start the week over. I love Sundays for the purpose I get to sit with my cute, little planner and map out how I want my week to look. If you don’t take the time to map out what your week looks like, you’re probably struggling at the end of each day. That’s ok. But you could eliminate the struggle by setting aside 5 minutes to plan it out. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

3. Write it down. This weekend I had so many little thoughts pop up and I kept saying “oh that’s good…I’ll write it down in a minute”. Did I? No. So stupid. I carry this thing called a cell phone and I can’t take a second and write it down? Geez. Who knows if that one little thought could’ve been my MILLION DOLLAR IDEA! I guarantee you it wasn’t, but what if we treated our little thoughts like they were that important? What if we actually followed through with executing those little ideas? So, I opened my Evernote app and started a new notebook just for the “little ideas”. I’m tired of forgetting things… I want to remember them!

4. Impact. Yesterday, I woke up at 8:15am and laid there for a few minutes before starting to move around and get ready for the day. I had been telling my parents all week about Antioch, my new church home in Norman. I couldn’t shut up about it. I went last Sunday and fell in love with it. I walked in and just felt this sweet, tangible presence in that place. I looked around and people were responsive in worship. They weren’t just lifting their hands, they were jumping, they were singing at the top of their lungs. They were so enthralled with God that it didn’t matter if people were staring at them or not, they were desiring and pushing through to touch the very God I’ve been reaching for all these years. I felt so at home, I stood in worship and just wept. And you know what? I made a decision before I even got to Tulsa that I would make it home for church on Sunday. So when 8:15 rolled around, I just didn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed. But I kept feeling this tug. I kept hearing that still, small voice saying “Linds, you said you would be back for church… Get moving. Go! Don’t miss this. Follow it and get home to Norman!” So I did. I got there a little bit late, but it didn’t matter. When I walked in, that same presence hit me between the eyes. I sat in the back and little did I know, God already had a plan for me that Sunday. Chris, the lead pastor asked for the first-time guests to raise their hands and low and behold, there were 2 girls in front of me who raised their hands. They looked nice and I instantly felt like I needed to try and talk to them. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME ON A REGULAR BASIS. It doesn’t. If it does, it’s few and far between, but I felt that tug again saying “Do it. Talk to them.” So after service, I heard my voice before I even put the thoughts and words together about what I was going to say. “You both are new here right?” Little did I know, these girls would be my answer to prayer for a friend my age. I’ve never been so glad that I followed that still small voice more than I was yesterday. God knew. He knew before I did that Stephanie and her friend Jayden would be at Antioch, sitting in front of me and that we would need each other. God is so cool. I’m not sure if Stephanie will see this, and honestly, I don’t know who will read these words other than me and my parents, but God hears you. God hears your little comments and your little requests. I prayed for a friend close in my age and single; one who would understand what I’m facing and maybe would have gone through some things to help me grow and that I could do the same for her. I didn’t think I was going to make it to the service, but I pushed through. I’m so thankful I did. You don’t know what impact you will make unless you follow that still, small voice. Don’t let a moment pass waiting for confirmation. Sometimes, God is waiting for you to just say YES. Just do it. Say yes and watch God answer your prayers.

5. The week ahead. I’m thankful for a new week. I’m thankful for the time I’ll get to spend with my sisters today and the time I’ll get to spend with my mom on Thursday and then with Stephanie and the Antioch family at the Fullness conference this weekend. I’m beyond thrilled. I’m more and more aware that God called me here to Norman for a specific plan and purpose. It’s so much more than just attending Grad School. It’s so much more than just working to become a mental health counselor. It’s about Him. It’s about Him showing me just how faithful He is and always has been. Already, I’ve made more friends than I ever have before. I’ve had lunch with brand new friends and sat for hours laughing until we cry about family and the craziness that ensues. I’ve met someone who is me in her family and we’ve bonded over our love for planners, the crazy kid in our classes  who has no filter, and the fact that we both drive white cars and drink the same drink at Starbucks. I couldn’t ask for a better experience as I’ve had thus far. Looking ahead, I know 2015 is already going to be the year of fulfillment. I’m ready for some fulfillment in my life. I’m ready to help people. I’m ready for it all… whatever it may be.

Y’all. Get your Monday in order. Because you have a full week of GOOD STUFF ahead and you need to be ready for it. TRUST ME.


my first place…

Home Sweet Home…

Common words you hear whenever you walk into your very own place for the first time. “Why are you writing about this?” you may ask. Well, I was approached by Urban Compass, a real estate platform in New York City that works with connecting people looking for apartments/homes and the neighborhood that matches their personality. When I was first asked, I kinda freaked out, just because anything from NYC is amazing and awesome. Thank you Urban Compass and Kellyn for thinking of me and letting me share about my first home!

All my life I’ve lived in Tulsa, OK and with my parents, except for a 2-year stint at ORU living in the dorms. I moved out in January 2013. I went apartment hunting with my best friend Bekah and took her because she would look at the place I wanted and tell me “Linds, I can totally see you living here” or “ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU WOULD DIE IN THIS PLACE LIKE THE LAST PERSON!”

RULE #1 of Apartment shopping: take someone with you and preferably someone who will tell you the truth no matter what.

Anyway, my first place was 3 miles away from my parents and it was in building 3. Apartment A will remind me constantly that blank walls aren’t bad. Sometimes, blank walls are the best thing that will ever happen to you. Why? Because you can imagine and dream up whatever you want. And it almost always works.


Looking at this door you wouldn’t think anything special. It’s just a door. But what was behind it was the most important to me, because it was mine. All mine! A little, quaint one bedroom apartment with a porch. Everything I wanted and more for my first place!




I took such pride in my first place. The couch-I bought it by splitting the cost with my mom. It’s a vintage brocade sleeper sofa. The bed had never beed slept on! It was in perfect condition. The pillows are all mismatched and weird and don’t pull together any design scheme at all. The coffee table was on loan from my mom and dad. They didn’t have any room in the house for it and she gladly sent it my way. I am a lover of color and the end table was spotted at a local flea market in Jenks and I couldn’t let it go. I paid $30 for the most beautiful turquoise I’ve ever seen. I spent a year in this little place of quirks and needed something for Christmas. I had no extra room for a Christmas tree and used Christmas lights and green snowflakes I bought at Wal-mart to bring in the Christmas cheer. Remember, blank spaces leave so much room for interpretation and couldn’t be more thankful for my blank spaces. 🙂





I am obsessed with books. This IKEA bookshelf was put together as a dare by my late uncle. He dared me I couldn’t couldn’t put it together in one night AND WITHOUT EXTRA TOOLS! It definitely is shaky still, but it holds all the books I ever own. I used this in my room as the largest art piece to distract from the nothingness I had “hanging” there.

bedroom 1

After several tries of arranging my bedroom, I found the way I liked my room and got crafty with end tables (the one holding my alarm clock is actually a wire 3 rack shelf with a wicker basket turned upside down. You gotta get crafty sometimes. 🙂

study area


Remember the quirks I mentioned about this apartment? Part of the quirks came from this closet. I am a 5’5 girl and while 5’5 to some seems very tall, trust me, in this apartment it wasn’t tall at all. The closet seemed great at first. But when I went to reach for a dress or a top, I had to jump to grab the hanger it was on. I also did not want to leave very many holes in the walls, so I had to get resourceful when it came to hanging my TV…and by resourceful I mean this….

TV setup

That’s right everyone. I leaned my very beautiful 46″ TV on a pillow from Pottery Barn that I’d had since high school on a very nicely painted entertainment shelf. Every time I took a picture or video of something and sent it to my sisters, I would get laughs and then texts of horror that it’s still “standing”. It’s all about the memories right?!

My first place was my absolute favorite. I didn’t love everything about it all the time, but the good memories I have definitely outweigh the bad. I remember the smell of coffee wafting through my apartment on the fall days. I remember the sound of the wind whipping through the poorly sealed windows and the fact that there was heat in the apartment didn’t mean anything. I remember the horrible rain storm that my sister and I were watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and felt water. Due to the back door and windows being poorly sealed, water matched with the superior winds was pouring through the seals. I remember the moment the dryer quit “drying” (I didn’t even know that was possible) and I had to hang all my clothes on my porch and from a makeshift clothesline from fishing line. All these things make me laugh bring a smile to my face. There’s nothing better than a first place. I hope your first place will bring you lots of joy and memories for the better. Oh and maybe your first place will be full of weird quirks too… Especially weird neighbors who go overboard celebrating Halloween.



creepy halloween

Passion Planner…

the most AMAZING planner I've ever seen...

the most AMAZING planner I’ve ever seen…


You all know I love planners. I can’t make life happen without one. I’ve searched high and low and today I was just perusing Kickstarter and found the Passion Planner. Watch this video. It’s outstanding and this girl in legit. I wish she and I were friends.

Take a look. You’re welcome!

writer’s block…

I’m at a weird place right now. Not literally. I am literally sitting on my couch, in my apartment, thinking and racking my brain about what to write about myself that will make me stand out among other potential Masters of Arts in Counseling candidates.

I’m stuck.

I know writer’s block is a real thing, but I’ve never really considered myself a writer. I’ve always under-played the fact that I could write and could write well. I’ve tried to show off my skills, but that never worked out because in some way, it would never make sense. Now, the moment I need my skills the most, they are failing me!

I keep a running list in Evernote about topics I want to write about. Some range from faith and feminism to what I’m watching on Netflix (because let’s be real, Netflix should be in every person’s life and if it’s not, you are missing out). I’m pretty sure my Netflix queue would not impress anyone on the opposite side of my email submission of my personal goal statement.

I am type-A in a lot of ways. The biggest type-A trait of mine is control. I like feeling in control. I like knowing my schedule. I like knowing that I can plan out my entire week, month, even year if needed and knowing I control that. I like knowing I can tell people “no” if and when I need to. I like knowing I am in control of how I feel. Lately, well if I’m being honest with you, since I walked across the stage at ORU, I’ve felt out of control. I’ve felt like everyone is watching my life happen but really it’s on pause. I feel like the backdrops have changed, the characters who fade in and out of my quaint and quiet little world have changed, but I’ve stayed where I am, doing what I do, in slow motion. Do you know how frustrating that is? People have walked in and out of my world and gone on to what’s next for them and I’m here, standing still.

I’ve written about this before and I know people will probably call me/text me/email me, whatever to see if I’m ok or having a mental breakdown. I’m not having a mental breakdown. It may seem like it, but I’m not. I’ve had one before and this ain’t it. But, I am at a crossroads…maybe not crossroads, because that would mean there are 2 different places I could go. I am at an intersection, sitting in my mom’s car (because my car is officially dead, dead, dead), waiting for that green light. I’m sitting at the white line staring bullets through the light that hangs from that silver pole, begging it to change so I can move forward. And yet, while there are no other cars around, no opposite traffic, not even a pedestrian to cross the street, there I sit, obediently waiting for my green light.

I know many people can identify with this feeling of waiting, or pause. It’s not fun. It’s actually quite terrible for the type-A, “I’ve got somewhere to be in 5 minutes and you’re really cramping my style, because I am only going to be on time instead of 10 minutes early” person. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from the last 3 weeks of my life, sometimes things need to be on pause so you can see what you really want and desire to get out of life. 3 weeks ago, my car died in the middle of Elm Street in Jenks. I sat and cried as I waited for my dad to pick me up. 4 days later, I would get what would be a therapeutic massage and wake up the next day with my L4 and L5 vertebrae frozen and the muscles around them, spasming until I couldn’t breathe. I would spend the next 10-12 days deep breathing through the pain, the chiropractor appointments and just crying as I kept thinking “God, seriously, what is happening right now? I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.” My bank account would have the original fraud credit reversed leaving me with minimal money to my name. And, I had to sit there and take it. I had no where to run, no one to call or talk to about how freaking frustrated I was. But the great thing about God is none of this takes him by surprise. As I was moaning and crying on my couch, praying for a spasm free moment, He was right there, brushing the hair out of my eyes and resting his healing hand on me saying “Linds, can you just take a moment and rest in the fact that I know what’s happening? That I have this all under control? Your worry is nothing compared to my peace and strength. So just…rest”.

So, while my writer’s block is killing my personal goal statement for my grad applications, take a moment and rest. Whatever your situation is, just take a breath, put down your phone and rest. It’s ok to rest. It’s ok to wait. And it’s ok to not be ok. Sometimes, feeling everything is just what we need to wake us up and move us on to the next thing on our list.

Oh, the joys of…CLEANING??

Yes. You heard me. Cleaning. Most of the time, it’s no big deal. But lately, my whole life has turned up CRAZY and MESSY! I don’t like piles. I don’t like papers everywhere. I like everything having it’s rightful spot. So, task 1…THE WORKSPACE.

My poor desk. It takes a beating on a regular basis. The piles of junk that erupts all over it usually gets resorted to a more organized (you can’t call it that Davis. It’s all just crap everywhere) place. So today, I took some time to go through the 2 file holders that hold all the “important” things. This is what mass chaos looked like…


It’s literally all the papers from when our office was at the CityPlex towers. It was a inner office with no windows and my desk was a table. I took notes on whatever paper was around and tried to organize my stuff where it looked like a legitimate human being worked there. It was task lists from 2 years ago (YIKES) and planners from the last 2 years… It was books that I started and then got too busy to finish. It was mugs and cups that became pen, rubber band and post-it note holders. WHAT!? So I emptied everything. And condensed it down to the 2 file holders and tossed the rest. Here’s the after…







Cleaning is a part of life. So, I shall tackle my house later. And you all will see the good, the bad, and the ugly. I mean, it might look like I have it all together, but far from it. I do not. I’m a great pretender. 😂

Until later.

Linds the Office Hoarder