//Manic Monday//

I know last night was the Super Bowl, which I watched in entirety and LOVED it. Talk about an exciting game. For a girl who claims the NCAA (OU specifically) and NBA as her respective sports, I loved watching the Super Bowl last night! 2 of the best teams out there who earned (cough, cough…not you TOM BRADY…cheater) their place in that game, it was brilliant from start to finish. So brilliant in fact, that I did no studying or paper writing until about 11:15 and then put away the computer so I could watch my parasocial boyfriend Jimmy Fallon do his thang on the Live Tonight Show. I’ll explain parasocial in another post… I woke up today ready for this week. Mondays are not usually anyone’s favorite day and I think that’s sad. Monday deserves some love. It’s not her fault you hate Mondays, it’s your own, but I digress…

Here is my list of what makes Monday great:

1. It’s the beginning of something new. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, the weekend just sucks. It does. You may or may not have experienced a bad weekend, but I have. Not physically bad, but maybe mentally so. I have issues in my thinking right now. I have made some decisions where I look back and I’m like “What the hell are you doing Davis? What on earth makes you think this is the situation you should be in right now? Come on! Will you ever learn?” I realize that may sound like I’m a constantly guilty person and the truth is…I am. I have grown up in this weird bubble where I was more concerned with pleasing people around me than pleasing God. I’ve always been a yes girl. I’ve never stood up and said “Nahhh, I’m good.” This past weekend wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either. I said some things I probably should’ve locked away forever. I probably should’ve said no a lot more than yes. I was more confused by my “bipolar” behavior than ever before. I am not bipolar, but when I know what decision I want to make and still make the wrong one expecting something different, that’s a problem! I’m thankful for Monday because just like with God, all things are new. The slate is wiped clean and it’s time to buckle down and get back on track. Listen, what I’m explaining makes it sound like I’m some harlot who went around and did whatever I wanted… No. That did not happen. I’m not a harlot. I’m human and just like you, I made decisions and this weekend was probably the time I should’ve had my phone turned off and not texted that one person. Oops. That’s what I’m talking about. Hah. Sorry, my life is exciting but not that exciting. 😉

2. Get it together. You get to re-plan out the things you didn’t do last week and start the week over. I love Sundays for the purpose I get to sit with my cute, little planner and map out how I want my week to look. If you don’t take the time to map out what your week looks like, you’re probably struggling at the end of each day. That’s ok. But you could eliminate the struggle by setting aside 5 minutes to plan it out. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

3. Write it down. This weekend I had so many little thoughts pop up and I kept saying “oh that’s good…I’ll write it down in a minute”. Did I? No. So stupid. I carry this thing called a cell phone and I can’t take a second and write it down? Geez. Who knows if that one little thought could’ve been my MILLION DOLLAR IDEA! I guarantee you it wasn’t, but what if we treated our little thoughts like they were that important? What if we actually followed through with executing those little ideas? So, I opened my Evernote app and started a new notebook just for the “little ideas”. I’m tired of forgetting things… I want to remember them!

4. Impact. Yesterday, I woke up at 8:15am and laid there for a few minutes before starting to move around and get ready for the day. I had been telling my parents all week about Antioch, my new church home in Norman. I couldn’t shut up about it. I went last Sunday and fell in love with it. I walked in and just felt this sweet, tangible presence in that place. I looked around and people were responsive in worship. They weren’t just lifting their hands, they were jumping, they were singing at the top of their lungs. They were so enthralled with God that it didn’t matter if people were staring at them or not, they were desiring and pushing through to touch the very God I’ve been reaching for all these years. I felt so at home, I stood in worship and just wept. And you know what? I made a decision before I even got to Tulsa that I would make it home for church on Sunday. So when 8:15 rolled around, I just didn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed. But I kept feeling this tug. I kept hearing that still, small voice saying “Linds, you said you would be back for church… Get moving. Go! Don’t miss this. Follow it and get home to Norman!” So I did. I got there a little bit late, but it didn’t matter. When I walked in, that same presence hit me between the eyes. I sat in the back and little did I know, God already had a plan for me that Sunday. Chris, the lead pastor asked for the first-time guests to raise their hands and low and behold, there were 2 girls in front of me who raised their hands. They looked nice and I instantly felt like I needed to try and talk to them. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME ON A REGULAR BASIS. It doesn’t. If it does, it’s few and far between, but I felt that tug again saying “Do it. Talk to them.” So after service, I heard my voice before I even put the thoughts and words together about what I was going to say. “You both are new here right?” Little did I know, these girls would be my answer to prayer for a friend my age. I’ve never been so glad that I followed that still small voice more than I was yesterday. God knew. He knew before I did that Stephanie and her friend Jayden would be at Antioch, sitting in front of me and that we would need each other. God is so cool. I’m not sure if Stephanie will see this, and honestly, I don’t know who will read these words other than me and my parents, but God hears you. God hears your little comments and your little requests. I prayed for a friend close in my age and single; one who would understand what I’m facing and maybe would have gone through some things to help me grow and that I could do the same for her. I didn’t think I was going to make it to the service, but I pushed through. I’m so thankful I did. You don’t know what impact you will make unless you follow that still, small voice. Don’t let a moment pass waiting for confirmation. Sometimes, God is waiting for you to just say YES. Just do it. Say yes and watch God answer your prayers.

5. The week ahead. I’m thankful for a new week. I’m thankful for the time I’ll get to spend with my sisters today and the time I’ll get to spend with my mom on Thursday and then with Stephanie and the Antioch family at the Fullness conference this weekend. I’m beyond thrilled. I’m more and more aware that God called me here to Norman for a specific plan and purpose. It’s so much more than just attending Grad School. It’s so much more than just working to become a mental health counselor. It’s about Him. It’s about Him showing me just how faithful He is and always has been. Already, I’ve made more friends than I ever have before. I’ve had lunch with brand new friends and sat for hours laughing until we cry about family and the craziness that ensues. I’ve met someone who is me in her family and we’ve bonded over our love for planners, the crazy kid in our classes  who has no filter, and the fact that we both drive white cars and drink the same drink at Starbucks. I couldn’t ask for a better experience as I’ve had thus far. Looking ahead, I know 2015 is already going to be the year of fulfillment. I’m ready for some fulfillment in my life. I’m ready to help people. I’m ready for it all… whatever it may be.

Y’all. Get your Monday in order. Because you have a full week of GOOD STUFF ahead and you need to be ready for it. TRUST ME.



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