//TedxOU// Pt. 1

Do you know what it feels like to be “hand-picked” for a special event? Maybe you know what it’s like to feel “accepted” to a university or program you really wanted. It’s a lot like that. The one thing I absolutely love about OU is the diversity of thought and perspective. There is no such thing as “small ideas” here and I feel fortunate enough to be thought of as a bright and intelligent student at such a university.

When I first got accepted into the University of Oklahoma, I was first scared, then relieved. When I started receiving the school emails about upcoming events, I got excited. TED Talks are by far one of my guilty pleasures. They cause thought and provoke the idea that you can do something to improve the environment you are in. I’ve been inspired and challenged by TED and when I saw that OU was having a TEDx event, I had to do whatever it took to go. First off, you have to apply to get invited to TEDx. I didn’t know that. Nervousness ensued and then I proceeded to talk about why I need to attend. I believe now more than ever, mental healthcare is needed in our nation. How can I provide help to those in need? And so the dreaming began even more.

So far this morning, I’ve heard talks about the importance of Religious Freedom, Human Trafficking and how we can help and the importance of using Laws for the intended purposes for which they were created. All of these are causing me to look beyond my little dream of practicing mental health and dreaming of ways I can go deeper. I can’t wait to hear more. Pictures to come.


Have I mentioned how much I love my university? I love, love, LOVE OU.

#liveon #OKLAHOMA #university #TEDxOU


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