my first place…

Home Sweet Home…

Common words you hear whenever you walk into your very own place for the first time. “Why are you writing about this?” you may ask. Well, I was approached by Urban Compass, a real estate platform in New York City that works with connecting people looking for apartments/homes and the neighborhood that matches their personality. When I was first asked, I kinda freaked out, just because anything from NYC is amazing and awesome. Thank you Urban Compass and Kellyn for thinking of me and letting me share about my first home!

All my life I’ve lived in Tulsa, OK and with my parents, except for a 2-year stint at ORU living in the dorms. I moved out in January 2013. I went apartment hunting with my best friend Bekah and took her because she would look at the place I wanted and tell me “Linds, I can totally see you living here” or “ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU WOULD DIE IN THIS PLACE LIKE THE LAST PERSON!”

RULE #1 of Apartment shopping: take someone with you and preferably someone who will tell you the truth no matter what.

Anyway, my first place was 3 miles away from my parents and it was in building 3. Apartment A will remind me constantly that blank walls aren’t bad. Sometimes, blank walls are the best thing that will ever happen to you. Why? Because you can imagine and dream up whatever you want. And it almost always works.


Looking at this door you wouldn’t think anything special. It’s just a door. But what was behind it was the most important to me, because it was mine. All mine! A little, quaint one bedroom apartment with a porch. Everything I wanted and more for my first place!




I took such pride in my first place. The couch-I bought it by splitting the cost with my mom. It’s a vintage brocade sleeper sofa. The bed had never beed slept on! It was in perfect condition. The pillows are all mismatched and weird and don’t pull together any design scheme at all. The coffee table was on loan from my mom and dad. They didn’t have any room in the house for it and she gladly sent it my way. I am a lover of color and the end table was spotted at a local flea market in Jenks and I couldn’t let it go. I paid $30 for the most beautiful turquoise I’ve ever seen. I spent a year in this little place of quirks and needed something for Christmas. I had no extra room for a Christmas tree and used Christmas lights and green snowflakes I bought at Wal-mart to bring in the Christmas cheer. Remember, blank spaces leave so much room for interpretation and couldn’t be more thankful for my blank spaces. 🙂





I am obsessed with books. This IKEA bookshelf was put together as a dare by my late uncle. He dared me I couldn’t couldn’t put it together in one night AND WITHOUT EXTRA TOOLS! It definitely is shaky still, but it holds all the books I ever own. I used this in my room as the largest art piece to distract from the nothingness I had “hanging” there.

bedroom 1

After several tries of arranging my bedroom, I found the way I liked my room and got crafty with end tables (the one holding my alarm clock is actually a wire 3 rack shelf with a wicker basket turned upside down. You gotta get crafty sometimes. 🙂

study area


Remember the quirks I mentioned about this apartment? Part of the quirks came from this closet. I am a 5’5 girl and while 5’5 to some seems very tall, trust me, in this apartment it wasn’t tall at all. The closet seemed great at first. But when I went to reach for a dress or a top, I had to jump to grab the hanger it was on. I also did not want to leave very many holes in the walls, so I had to get resourceful when it came to hanging my TV…and by resourceful I mean this….

TV setup

That’s right everyone. I leaned my very beautiful 46″ TV on a pillow from Pottery Barn that I’d had since high school on a very nicely painted entertainment shelf. Every time I took a picture or video of something and sent it to my sisters, I would get laughs and then texts of horror that it’s still “standing”. It’s all about the memories right?!

My first place was my absolute favorite. I didn’t love everything about it all the time, but the good memories I have definitely outweigh the bad. I remember the smell of coffee wafting through my apartment on the fall days. I remember the sound of the wind whipping through the poorly sealed windows and the fact that there was heat in the apartment didn’t mean anything. I remember the horrible rain storm that my sister and I were watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and felt water. Due to the back door and windows being poorly sealed, water matched with the superior winds was pouring through the seals. I remember the moment the dryer quit “drying” (I didn’t even know that was possible) and I had to hang all my clothes on my porch and from a makeshift clothesline from fishing line. All these things make me laugh bring a smile to my face. There’s nothing better than a first place. I hope your first place will bring you lots of joy and memories for the better. Oh and maybe your first place will be full of weird quirks too… Especially weird neighbors who go overboard celebrating Halloween.



creepy halloween


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