I have some news…

I have been waiting to share this information for what seems like ages, and I finally can. This is beyond exciting for me to share and if anything, we all need encouragement when things get hard. I don’t know about you, but as much as I give encouragement, I love hearing it. So, I hope this encourages you…

I graduated after what seems like a FOREVER JOURNEY to earn my bachelor’s degree in May and was suddenly asked the questions about what’s next. It didn’t bother me at all not knowing the answers to these questions, but did cause me to think a little bit more about what I really wanted to do. I was (well, I was 27 when I graduated) 28 and feeling what every 23-24 year old must feel when they graduate (assuming most undergraduate students are 23-24 years old when they finally get that degree) and tried to maintain focus on what I was currently doing. That, for a high functioning ADD, Type-A breed like me, was IMPOSSIBLY HARD. I would day dream while writing emails about what was to come. I would eat dinner while studying the OU website and imagine what making dinner in a cute little house while writing papers would be like. I began my OU Graduate College application on July 1st at 9:45pm. I would then get scared and not attempt to finish said application until 3 weeks ago (Yes, about 3 months after I began the application originally).

This summer was hard. I was challenged on multiple levels and had to find my voice as a leader. I don’t mind challenges. It’s when you face challenges you realize what’s really on the inside of you. I love God, but up until this point, I haven’t really had a need of truly trusting God. That’s a bold statement. I know God saved me when I was 4 and then many times after (I was that child who raised her hand every week to be saved… Don’t laugh!). I know there have been many opportunities where I could’ve been “taken out” (various health issues when I was in high school, weight problems throughout, anxiety, ADD, you name it). I know I need God. I do. I know I do, because I don’t know what I would do without Him…but when you realize you can achieve all you’re doing without Him, you have problems. My friends, I had a problem. I had met my “glass ceiling” and felt that pang of boredom when you realize you’ve basically done all you can do where you’re at. I finally awoke to the “Lindsay, you really need Me right now…” point. So, I made a decision. I would finish my application, put in 30 days notice at my apartment complex to break my lease and move back in with my parents and sister for about a month and a half and pack up my Tulsa life and move to Norman to begin another journey. Oh and did I mention, I did all of this without even knowing if I was accepted in the Graduate College?? Yeah, so if I didn’t need God before…I DEFINITELY needed Him now.

The next 3 weeks would be the most challenging, fun, torturous, exhilarating, anxiety-ridden, sleep deprived, and absolutely exciting weeks I’ve ever experienced. I faced numerous situations, some of which I didn’t see coming, and had to choose to trust God. I could trust myself, which until this point had gotten me nowhere, or I could trust the one who is never caught off guard, never surprised, never struck by my emotions or endless questions. I attended a women’s conference October 9-11th in Springfield, Missouri. This conference will go down as the moment where God literally spoke to my heart, put his hands on my face and directed my eye line back to his eyes and spoke those words-“You can do this… Step out. Be brave. Just follow me, Linds. I’ve got this. Just take a step”. I don’t know about you, but when you’ve been raised by Joe and Barb Davis (with the help of many aunts and uncles), they have a way of getting your attention. I will always remember the quiet conversations I had with my dad growing up. There would be a moment when my dad would be trying to make a point and I would be looking out the window, staring at my hands or fidgeting around and my dad would so gently take his hands, place them on my face and direct my eyes to his and say “Linds, I need you to hear me when I say this ok? You with me?” and like any dad/coach/best friend to his daughters, he would gently convey his thoughts to me. Just like how my dad had a way of catching my eyes and getting me to focus, God did the same thing. I would write page after page of notes during that women’s conference and get pumped up to accomplish what it was I needed to do when I arrived home. That Saturday night, I would write draft 2 and 3 of my personal goal statement and stare at the computer screen wondering what the hell I was doing, but knowing if God asked me to step out, I would bravely and boldly do what He was asking and trust He already had a way made for me.

Like I said, none of this was really planned out. I would drive to Norman on Friday, October 17th and venture to the University of Oklahoma and anxiously walk toward the place that held my future. I submitted my application a couple days before this moment and yet, I was so freaking terrified to walk on the campus. This has been a type of “holy ground” for the Davis family. My uncle Steve was the all time winningest quarterback during 1973-75. My uncle George was on the team and then followed by my dad, Joe. The Davis name carries some weight, so imagine my surprise when I didn’t get into OU TWICE after initially accepting an offer to attend ORU for my bachelors. I was so nervous to sit and wait to meet with anyone who would listen to me about why I should be admitted to OU’s Grad College. Little did I know, this weekend would be the start to some fun times ahead. I would have lunch with a new acquaintance that would make me laugh whole heartedly at my past, present and future. I would spend time with my entire family (nurse Jessica included) eating good food, laughing so hard and almost passing out from laughing fits. I would come home to write my resignation letter and arrive to Foundations Church that Sunday knowing my days were numbered there. I did all of this not even knowing if I got into the Graduate College. WHAT NORMAL PERSON DOES THAT? WHAT PERSON WITH A BRAIN AND JOB WITH BENEFITS WOULD DO SOMETHING SO RIDICULOUS? Me. I would. And I am so glad I did.

I received my official Graduate College offer on Thursday, October 30th while sitting in my sister’s bedroom, tying my shoes to run around having a fun day in OKC. I freaked out. I called my parents and gave them the news. My dad finished the phone call with the most precious statement to me ever… “Linds, we’re so proud of you and you know someone is looking down on you, INCREDIBLY proud of the steps you’ve taken to accomplish this dream. So proud of you… BOOMER!” My Uncle Steve was the one who started me thinking on this path of graduate studies. “Linds, you’re smarter than you even realize. You are so bright and I just don’t think you’ve thought this through. You’re life right now is too small for you… Don’t get comfortable in small spaces. Think big! You’re a Davis… We never think small!” I am so glad he gave me that speech each time we met. So, with huge, happy tears in my eyes, I accepted my offer to the Graduate College and my journey starts January 12th, 2015. I’m moving to Norman. I’m going to be studying what I feel is my ministry calling: counseling and mental health. I could burst I’m so excited. I’m sure my friends and family who have spoken to me the last couple days are ready for me to chill out on the “I’m going to OU” texts, calls, Facebook posts, whatever but I don’t care! All this to say, I’m incredibly excited for the future. I’m going where I believe I’m supposed to be. I’m going somewhere new. I’ll be making new friends and attending a new church. I couldn’t be more excited and ready for this.

Don’t give up on the things you think are too big. They’re not too big at all. It just means you need a Savior who’s bigger than all those little thoughts that try to dominate your world and lead you to where you’re supposed to be. Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Let God be God and let Him work miracles on your behalf.



One thought on “I have some news…

  1. Lindsey, That is wonderful news. You should be so proud of yourself. Graduate education is challenging but, definitely worth the effort. Remember to take some time for yourself. Relaxation is very important to the overall experience. Keep your eye on the prize and you will do the family and your chosen profession proud. Congratulations! Minta

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