Oh, the joys of…CLEANING??

Yes. You heard me. Cleaning. Most of the time, it’s no big deal. But lately, my whole life has turned up CRAZY and MESSY! I don’t like piles. I don’t like papers everywhere. I like everything having it’s rightful spot. So, task 1…THE WORKSPACE.

My poor desk. It takes a beating on a regular basis. The piles of junk that erupts all over it usually gets resorted to a more organized (you can’t call it that Davis. It’s all just crap everywhere) place. So today, I took some time to go through the 2 file holders that hold all the “important” things. This is what mass chaos looked like…


It’s literally all the papers from when our office was at the CityPlex towers. It was a inner office with no windows and my desk was a table. I took notes on whatever paper was around and tried to organize my stuff where it looked like a legitimate human being worked there. It was task lists from 2 years ago (YIKES) and planners from the last 2 years… It was books that I started and then got too busy to finish. It was mugs and cups that became pen, rubber band and post-it note holders. WHAT!? So I emptied everything. And condensed it down to the 2 file holders and tossed the rest. Here’s the after…







Cleaning is a part of life. So, I shall tackle my house later. And you all will see the good, the bad, and the ugly. I mean, it might look like I have it all together, but far from it. I do not. I’m a great pretender. 😂

Until later.

Linds the Office Hoarder


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