Food Trucks are from Jesus

So today is Wednesday. And something I’m not the greatest at is capturing every moment. My mom and I are very close and she asked me if I’d want to go to Guthrie Green for Food Truck Wednesday 2 weeks ago. I obviously said YES with two hands up. She forgot last week, so she made up for it this week. 😉 I’ve heard about Food Truck Wednesday being one of the coolest things in Tulsa. It truly is.


People have their kids out running around and it’s so cool! My mom got a hot dog from Doghouse and I, of course, went right for the Mr. Nice Guys Taco truck. But I did not get tacos. I went for the mac and cheese. Yep. You heard me. And it was incredible.



I love spending time with my mom. She’s a hoot. And the fact that she’s willing to do random things around our city with me makes her even more special. I love wandering around and exploring and I’m pretty sure that’s always made my mother nervous. She’s always told me to stay close so when I’ve mentioned I want to travel to far off places or venture to an unknown part of Tulsa, Barb gets nervous. We sat and talked and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. And of course had to top it off with Lick Your Lips mini donuts!



All in all, Food Truck Wednesday is a hit Tulsa and you should keep it. Never let it die. People love to connect and you’ve created something so special and cool. We feel like a real city! I love it!



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