//lists and thoughts//

I write lists. Like all the time. It could be on an old receipt in my purse, a piece of mail, a chip bag from the grocery store that I just purchased, one of several note pads that sit on my desk, or one of several post-it note pads. Thoughts…well, my thought life swirls around all the time. It doesn’t take a lot of caffeine to send my head into a tail spin. So, like many people like myself, I’m trying to share some of the things that I often think on a regular basis… so prepare yourself.

1. “GOD, I REALLY HATE ALARM CLOCKS”-literally, this is my first thought. I wake up and pretty much slam my hand on the stupid little box that makes that horrible screeching noise that is supposed to wake us up. Gross. No thanks.

2. “Well, I’m guessing sleeping in my yoga clothes has done nothing to make me want to get up and actually go to yoga”- Yep. 2 days in a row now I’ve woke up before my alarm clock but not quite early enough to head to 5:45 Salt Yoga class. Sorry guys. That ain’t happening.

3. Food. No, COFFEE. No, maybe food? COFFEE. This actually needs no explanation. If you ever see a frazzled, blonde with wild hair and sunglasses (or my actual glasses) on, that’s me and I probably need coffee. So you should probably lead me to the nearest coffee shop, whether it’s Starbucks or something local. Just don’t scare me or talk too fast so early… just lead me to the coffee.

4. Noise Canceling headphones are from JESUS. This is a thought I’ve had numerous times and since I now own a pair of Jesus headphones (yes, that’s what I call them), my work life is so much better. SOOOOO MUCH BETTER. I can sit at my desk for hours listening to whatever I want and hear nothing happening around me. You should invest in some. Just take my word for it. Worth every penny.

5. “Go do something Davis… Get up and go do something”. Well, this weekend, I did just that. I ventured out and mostly on my own. And you know what, it was not scary! It was actually fun! Friday night was Mayfest for my favorite Tulsa band Carnegie’s show on the Boston stage, Saturday was supposed to be a “catch up” with an old friend day, but because said person never contacted me back, it turned into the most chill day ever followed by babysitting my favorite gals and finishing the evening with Harry-Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. You can’t go wrong with Harry Potter. You can’t. Sunday was church. A little worship leading, a little church hosting, and ended with meeting my sweet friends Katie and Jeremy’s little bundle of joy Sadie. This particular Sunday didn’t end there…went to a wonderful baby shower at Southern Hills (which, I’d get marry there… If you wish to pray for me, add that to your list. Either that I get married at Southern Hills or at Cinderella’s Castle…or maybe Hogwarts…) and then off to Hop Jam downtown. I feel as though I really became a citizen of Tulsa by how much I drove all over the city to have a little fun and experience my city. I love people watching and seeing tons of people out just being themselves. It’s refreshing. It’s good to do something different. I joined a yoga studio because I want to actually get my handstand. I take the most ridiculous drives because I love listening to music and having the sunroof open. I carry a book in my purse all the time because you never know when you might need it. I’ve tried to be someone other than myself and I was always the girl that was told I was trying way too hard. Now, I’ve had 3 years of being a recluse. I was confined to my parents house, my apartment, church/work and the gym. I had no time to be anyone’s friend or girlfriend. I barely had time to sleep. I was studying all the time and now that the pressure is gone, this space I have to breathe and spend time getting to know people that I’m friends with is fun! In those 3 years I’ve found who I really am and if someone thinks I’m weird, then fine! I already know I’m weird, so you’re not hurting my feelings. Do something you normally wouldn’t just to say you did it! Trust me. You can’t go wrong being you and experiencing your city and surroundings…plus, you never know who you’ll meet along the way!

6. “I really should’ve looked around before I started this snapchat video”–yep. If you want something to laugh at, I post numerous snapchat videos of me being an idiot in my car. They make me laugh, so I’m sure they make others laugh. Look me up @iamlindsdavis. I’ll brighten your day. Last week’s moment was taping an epic lip sync video to One Direction’s “Story of my Life” and then looking to my right and seeing a car full of people staring at me like “what the crap is she doing?!” Did it stop me? NO WAY. I laughed and lost it!

7. Be Merry… Have fun! Ignore the useless chatter that is constantly vying for your attention and do what you feel like doing! For me? I felt like going downtown instead of staying at home. I felt like eating watermelon for dinner. I drank coffee when I probably should’ve stopped and drank water, but you know what…WHO CARES. That’s probably why I’m having caffeine headaches but whatever… This is my life and instead of feeling so much pressure to make my life count, I’m using this to drive myself to soaking up all the moments that take my breath away. Because there should be some moments every day that stick out as special. 🙂

So… what are some things on your list? Share away! Let’s collaborate! Share your thoughts and lists! There’s always something we can learn from each other!


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