//Thoughts on…Valentine’s Day//

<<Author’s note… I wrote this yesterday and my internet wouldn’t post it… 😦 So here it is a day later… Enjoy!!!>>



I know. It’s a commercialized holiday that is slightly missing the point just a little because if you think about it, if you only use ONE DAY to celebrate your significant other, you kinda suck… You should probably work that out. 🙂 I kid… well, kinda. But seriously, I’m the type that grew up in a loving home where my dad had 4 Valentines. And he never missed a moment to shower us with love, fun and surprises. The greatest part was, it wasn’t just on Valentines day. My dad is notorious for leaving random notes in my bags if I stay at their house. He will leave a note on the mirror my sisters share in their bathroom. He will leave notes, cards, and my mom’s favorite chocolate all the time for her just to let her know he’s thinking about her. That’s why, to me, Valentine’s is a little absurd. When you’ve had the privilege of seeing what a LIFE of love looks like, one holiday doesn’t do it justice!

Now, I have a friend (I call her a friend, but we’ve only spoken on the phone once and chatted on Twitter, but I consider her a friend) who wrote on her blog about funny Valentine’s dates… I contributed. My Valentine’s date was a MAJOR fail at the age of 19 where the guy just needed a ride to his REAL DATE across town and he knew I had a car and we were after all “friends”. I look back and think ‘that’s really funny and will grace the pages of my book someday’ but in that moment it sucked. It sucked because just months before, I was dumped by my boyfriend who invited me back to his hometown for Thanksgiving and then as soon as we get back, I’m single. The hurt I felt. The embarrassment. It sucked! I thought of what I did wrong the entire time and didn’t know what to do to fix it. He was my first ever real boyfriend and I lost him. I look back and now know there’s nothing I could’ve done. I was (and still am) a great girl. I had so much going for me and loved life and especially loved having a built in friend to hang out with. But when that was so quickly taken away, it made me not like this holiday so much.

I’m now 27 and single, just like at 19. The difference… I’ve grown up and matured a whole heck of a lot. I found some cards on Pinterest that made me laugh so hard at this funny holiday… Just think, if you need a laugh type “funny valentine’s day cards” into google and laugh until you cry. It’s a good remedy! I promise…



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