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HELLO WORLD! How’ve ya been?!! 

It’s been a long time coming for a blog post, right?! I need to take this more seriously, because that’s why I spent money purchasing the domain name. I mean seriously. So, as it is January 31st (the last day of January and my half birthday!) I figure I should catch up with the happenings in the world. 

1. Grammys. So I guess Macklemore decided to marry 34 gay couples during his song?! That’s a new one. I have come to the conclusion that there’s nothing we won’t see. There will always been someone who feels their opinion should be THE opinion. Funny how an event meant to show off music has now also become a very interesting playground for opinions and shock and awe. Now, this is not a post directed at whether or not Macklemore is right or wrong to do that. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of watching the Grammys because it’s no longer about the music. It’s about who can do what and who’s tweaking on who and OH MY GOD SHE DID WHAT. I’m also a full time student who doesn’t have time to just watch TV. I don’t. I don’t have cable. I have Netflix, which I watch on a regular basis. When I’m at home, I’m writing papers and trying to finish my requirements so I can graduate. That takes more energy than sitting around watching a show that isn’t so much about music. It’s sad that it’s about everything BUT music. <insert shoulder shrug here> Also, it should be known that I’m just not a fan of Macklemore. I’m not. I don’t like rap. I don’t like listening to music that I can’t sing to and if one of the lines in your song talks about how Christians “paraphrase a book written over 3500 years ago” I automatically will turn it off. Dude, I get it. You have a MAJOR opinion about how Christians are and what we think. Macklemore doesn’t know me and I actually appreciate that book called THE BIBLE that was written oh so long ago. I love people, but I don’t always agree with everyone. Even my closest friends and I have differing opinions. I still love them even though we don’t agree. I’m sure several readers will have an “issue” with this point, but you know what, you are entitled to it. I’m not here to change you. This blog bears my name, and I want to do my best to share what I think. I might not be right and might not have a lot of followers, but if the reason I wrote was to gain followers, that’s a problem. So, before you go damning me to hell, consider this: if your friend had a differing opinion from your own, would you yell and scream and point fingers trying to prove how right you are, or encourage some conversation and learn more about each other or would you walk away? I have had many moments of paralyzing fear being confronted by people who think I’m wrong and just want to tell me that and you know what? I let them back me into a corner. Now, I’m more open to talking and hearing you and creating an atmosphere of dialogue, where even if we don’t make any headway either direction, at least we can say we talked it out and walked away thinking. 

2. Amanda Knox. This chick is crazy. I can’t tell if she’s guilty or not. It’s a GREAT thing that I’m not a lawyer or on any jury. I don’t know what I would think looking at this girl. She’s 26 years old and was tried once and found innocent of murder, but due to another trial, she’s now guilty. Something is not lining up. It must suck going through something and serving part of your “sentence in Italy” and then being found innocent and now, going through it all again, you’re guilty? Wow. Just wow. 

3. Oh Justin Bieber. Oh Canada, what have you done to us. This kid when he first came to the US was a cute, little pre-teen who had pipes of gold. He had some AMAZING people in his life that got him where he is. He had FREAKING USHER helping launch his career! And then, enter the ridiculous teen years. I remember the first accusation of “he’s my baby’s daddy” and I actually thought “NO! NOT JUSTIN!” I really, really liked the kid. He was the ultimate dream catcher. He had it all and then suddenly, or not so suddenly, it’s all crumbling down. Listen, I grew up with Joe and Barb Davis. If you don’t know them, here’s a taste of my childhood: My mom had a rule. My sisters and I can all tell you this by heart. The rule was “If it looks like you have an attitude, you have an attitude. If it looks like disobedience, it’s COMPLETE disobedience. If it looks like something different from what you’ve shared with me, it’s a lie. Be honest. Be the girl we’ve raised you to be: one of honesty, integrity, and character”. Hey Justin, you threw eggs and got caught. You decided to drag race and have lots of interesting things in your car with you. You got arrested. SERIOUSLY dude. GET IT TOGETHER. We can’t keep saying “Oh, it’s because he didn’t have a normal childhood/teenage life”. Uhhh can I get a free pass to act like a total witch because I had a hard year last year?! NO! That doesn’t work! Bro, just because you’re in Hollywood doesn’t mean you can just say “It’s because I didn’t grow up with a normal childhood/father/whatever reason”. YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE. Make better choices. Geez. 

4. Super Bowl… Yep. I LOVE football. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. I love the camaraderie from the school or state that the team is from. In my case, I was raised an OU Sooner. I was raised with crimson and cream everything. My uncles and dad played at the wonderful University of Oklahoma. I can’t tell you how many games and tail gates we went to. I know Norman like the back of my hand. I even have the picture taken under the “Lindsey Street” sign. “But Lindsay, the Super Bowl is for the pros! DUH!” Oh I know. And I’ve always been a Broncos fan. I tried liking the Colts (because a boy I liked loved the Colts… HAH. That didn’t last long). I also liked the Patriots because Wes Welker played for them (he is a distant cousin on my dad’s side. We are related and no, he does not know I exist). But, I lived in Denver (specifically, Littleton) when I was growing up. I went to Broncos games with my dad and went to several Nuggets games too. We have a Broncos jersey that has DAVIS on the back. It’s totally cheesy but we loved Colorado. I don’t pretend to know NFL teams, but I know Peyton Manning and Wes both play for the Broncos and I plan on wearing some Broncos gear to church on Sunday. Yes, to church. It’s fun. I love taking part in games and having fun hanging out with friends. Football is a staple in America and it’s fun to celebrate the wins and ignore the losses. I know that there’s a chance my team may not win, but I’m still going to have fun and celebrate as if they did! All this to say, have fun with it. Enjoy the food and fun of it. And I think we can all be happy that we’re not playing in the super cold polar vortex temperatures. 🙂 

Have a good night friends… Here’s to an even better February! 



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