Christmas Favorites…

It’s December. 

There are 5 days until Christmas. 

I am almost done shopping. My last stop-going to Bass Pro because, in the words of my mom, “she wants to live there, so anything from there will do”. 

There are things that are my favorite about this time of year and the list will begin…. NOW! ((ps-My sister Jessica will be writing more on this later… and I’ll give her the proper introduction later… 🙂 LOVE HER though and you will too…))

1. Christmas Music: Is there anything better than 24/7 Christmas music?! I don’t think so! Every time I put my car key in the ignition, I know what will be playing on the other side of that turn… “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”, or “Merry Christmas Darling”, or “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time”… any of these can instantly put me in the mood. Although, if I hear “Christmas Shoes” one more time, I may hit someone. 

2. Online Shopping: Never having to leave my apartment or put on makeup or real clothes is my idea of a great day. The very thought of going to the mall 5 days before Christmas makes me start sweating. I don’t like the hustle and bustle like my dad and sisters do. Big crowds scare me for some reason. So I will gladly use the online offers I receive to shower all my family with gifts. I do love being a smart shopper. 

3. Family time and traditions: for the last several years, my family has followed specific traditions. It was my Sophomore year in high school that we started going to see movies on Christmas Day. We would put on some of our new clothes and venture out to the movie theatre and laugh until we cried. We sisters always sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve and spend time watching movies, reading, talking about the last year we’ve just went through and fall asleep at 2 or 3 in the morning. We wake up, hair an absolute wreck, faces still with the imprints of blankets and stuffed animals on them, glasses, and make coffee and sit, staring at all the gifts that fill our living room. We always make Dad be Santa, because we girls are useless in the morning and we tend to throw gifts at each other, and while it makes us laugh, my parents tend to frown upon that. We take pictures with Buster and patiently wait for Mom to decide what to make for breakfast. It was last year we started a new tradition, that while I know it will be so painfully beautiful to do, it will mean the world to my dad, my cousin Bo and my aunt Fran. Last year, I had no idea would be the last Christmas I’d spend with my Uncle Steve. I remember what he was wearing at the First Baptist Christmas service. He was wearing his nice jeans, a blue Ralph Lauren button down with his bright red Ralph Lauren sweater over it and his black overcoat. He saved me a seat right next to him and said “I never hear you sing, so this is why you’re sitting with me. You will sing these Christmas carols with all the gusto you can muster, you hear me?!” and gently nudged my elbow and winked his usual Uncle Steve greeting to me. I remember taking it all in and loving being with my family. This was a memory that I would regularly dream about for months to come. The tears that would inevitably follow were happy tears. Tears that what I always wanted (to go to church with my uncle and aunt and experience what they regularly experienced) was happening. Uncle Steve was truly happy. As I write this my heart is in my throat and feels like someone is holding my lungs with the tightest grip I’ve ever felt. I don’t talk about it often, unless I’m with my mentor/psychologist, but when I do, I’m able to smile now. Family traditions are irreplaceable. Make lots and lots of them this year. You need to take time to just take it all in. 🙂 Trust me. You won’t regret it. 

4. Uncle Dave’s rule: when I was growing up, my grandparents lived in San Francisco and we would travel out there every other year. My Uncle Dave was the crazy fun uncle who whenever he would show up, the party came along with him! The Christmas Rule started when I was about… 5 or 6 years old… and went something like this: “Ok kids, if any of you get an article of clothing, you must put it on! The more you get, the better it looks! It’s all about the layers baby!” I remember wearing my favorite Cinderella nightgown and getting outfit after outfit after outfit. By about outfit number 5, I may have started to cry while Jess was very graciously throwing gift wrap at me. Ahhhh yes, the family rules… 🙂 

5. Christmas Eve: It’s the holiday season and you all need to know that my mom is one of the best cooks (like she uses butter, white flour, all the things I’ve very carefully weaned myself off of for the last year kinda good cook) and she goes all out on Christmas Eve. We get chicken nuggets, fruit salad, shrimp cocktail, chips, salsa, and queso, and tons of sweet things. We pile our plates and sit and talk about the last year and then, we bring out the best Christmas movies EVER. We start with The Christmas Story, White Christmas, The Holiday, Holiday Inn and of course, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! Welcome to a Davis Christmas Eve.

Of course these are just 5 things, but there will be more and from a different set of eyes. Jess is a gem and I can’t wait to read what she sees every Christmas. 🙂 

Happy December 20th friends. 


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