“So…What did you do last night?”

This used to be a question I hated being asked. Not because I did anything crazy… (That was my freshman year in college), but I didn’t like this question because a lot times, I did nothing. NOTHING. I would stay home and read and hang out with my sisters, but when they got social lives, I was at home with my parents. No big thing! I love being a home body. It just means I have to make sure I’m balancing being at home with going and doing something active. So… ASK ME WHAT I DID LAST NIGHT!

Yes, I went to see a movie… and not just any movie… but the ONE DIRECTION “This Is US” movie. And I have to say, I get why girls every where love these boys…


They’re cute. They know how to have fun. They seem some what ‘normal’. And they’re BRITISH/IRISH. WHAT?!?! ((all girls everywhere just did the girl “sighhhhhhhhh” thing. I did. I’ll admit it. They’re super cute and fun and who wouldn’t love to watch this!))

First of all-I love movies like this. It shows you the inner workings of an industry that is otherwise COMPLETELY HARD to break into. These guys got lucky. And they know it. They all went to the X Factor in Britain and all got cut, but within 10 minutes, Simon Cowell, the genius that he is, put them together as a group. And it works. From the first opening shot, these dudes are hilarious and fun! They don’t take themselves too seriously, which is refreshing. A lot of times, you wonder if people really are the way they seem. These guys are just a bunch of goofballs that are having fun with ‘their mates’. The great thing about Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam is that they come from normal, tough, working family backgrounds. Each of them come from the working class. Harry worked in a bakery with a bunch of old ladies. Louis worked at Toys R Us and said that any time there was a “hawt mum ’round, I’d make sure I was on this isle” and starts playing the keyboards that are attached to the wall. Zayn is the only boy in his family and within the movie, you see him anxiously awaiting a phone call. I don’t want to give it all away, but if I have a son, I would love for him to have the care and sensitivity that Zayn has. ((SPOILER: He buys his family a new house. It’s bigger than any house they’ve ever lived in or ever owned. His mom, excuse me, MUM starts crying about how proud she is of him. I’d be lying if I didn’t shed a few tears)).

Secondly-movies like this are exciting and costs MUCH LESS than an actually ticket to their show… not saying I wouldn’t spend the money, because I would. Heck, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the Justin Beiber movie! These movies are meant to inspire and show you the inner workings of what it takes to make it. What I loved about each of these guys, they get a moment where they are able to say what they’re really thinking. One of the best things about Liam (whom Hailey has deemed the one for me) is what he says about being a normal guy with an extraordinary opportunity. Liam is talking about girls and what runs through his mind. “I keep thinking, does she like me for me or does she like me because of what I do? And if it is about what I do, what about when I’m not doing it anymore? Will she still like me or will she leave? These are very real questions I find myself thinking”. I loved hearing that! A lot of times, girls are the ones who are portrayed as asking too many questions or thinking too much about something, but knowing that a guy could be thinking something like that, makes me feel not so “girly”. Fact is and my friend Chet said it best, “Guys and girls are the same, but very different”. We all think about the same things, but because we’re us, we have different opinions. But hearing Liam, a one direction boy, say that he thinks about that often, makes me and all my insecurities calm down just a bit.

Go see the movie. Do it. It’s worth it and so fun! 🙂 I was the oldest one in my theater last night, but didn’t care. I know all the words and sang along with the guys. It’s all worth it! 🙂




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