I think all my readers know that I am all about the collaboration. I’m all about making our life stories work. I’m all about sharing in life together. One of the main reasons I created this blog was to be an encouraging place to read stories and laugh and sometimes cry together. I want this to be part of your journey through life. Well, there’s only so much I can share with you before you start getting bored with me… 😛 But seriously. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing some new people to the blog. I’m very excited to introduce you to a special girl in the Davis Trio’s life, specifically to Davis #2, Jessica. When Jessica was in 6th or 7th grade, she had a sweet, little group of friends and this particular girl stood out from the bunch. I remember this ball of blonde headed joy and couldn’t wait to get to know this darling girl better. Over the years, this darling girl has become an incredibly strong and talented woman. Her name… Kateland Joy Meyer. To me and of course my sister Jess, she’ll always be “Katie bug” but I couldn’t be more excited to share her with you. Below, is her intro blog. I’m very thankful for her friendship and I’m proud to be her older sister. 🙂


Katie bug scenery

I am not Lindsay Davis. Although, in confession, I have secretly lived my life modeled after her since I was in the 8th grade. She has been a big sister to me, in near and at far, and has lived a REAL life with the same human struggles as every other young woman, as she has strived to follow Jesus and be an encouragement to others. This is the person I want to be; not Lindsay, but the person Lindsay stands for. The young, independent woman, working her way through everything life throws at her, with a continued love for people, culture, and all things creative.

Being an impressionable 15 year old, I had watched Lindsay, a senior, live out her high school life and in everything she went through I knew one thing was for sure, I was Lindsay and Lindsay was me. We were both the oldest of three children, the outspoken more dramatic child at times, self-conscious in appearance, high school was not our thing, we were dreamers, leaders, and both had a curiosity to know the world and what it had in store.

Nine years of life has brought me a long way from who I was at 15, but most of those truths still remain. My name is Kateland Joy Meyer. I am 23 years old and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I attend O’more College of Design in pursuit of an Interior Design degree. I have no idea where my next steps will lead me, but I am proud to say I am not worried because I have learned throughout these past few years, God truly has it all under control. I am still a dreamer, a leader, a doer, and my ever-growing curiosity to know more about Jesus and the world is what fuels me on a daily basis. I have been through the ups, downs, and WAY downs of life. I have emotionally been to places where I have seen no way out, I have lost myself and everything I have stood for, I’ve thrown away my morals, lost my independence, and had no drive to be or achieve anything.

Only by the grace of God am I no longer that severely lost and hurting person. A friend once told me, “The biggest thing you have is YOUR story. ‘If He did it for me, He can do it for you.’ That speaks volumes to people.” So, in light of that, I want to share my story with you through these next few blog posts in hopes to inspire you to see that there truly is light even during the storm, and that lights name is Jesus.

Katie bug


So…. From me and Katie bug, we’re excited… The collaboration is just beginning! Can’t wait to share more.

Linds & KB


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