Out with the OLD… In with the NEW…

I started writing a post not even 5 minutes ago and it started to sound really… mean and disappointed. I am not mean, nor feeling mean, or disappointed… so I pitched it! 🙂 That’s the great thing about a blog. You don’t like it, HIT THE TRASH BUTTON.



Ok. Great. Hope you heard that in Joey Tribiani’s voice and laughed. Because I do all the time!

I need to tell you about this girl I knew.

She was awesome, but kinda sad. She thought waaaaaaaay too hard and long about things. She was heavily influenced by the thoughts and dramatics of others. She was slightly reclusive; it was work to go out, it was work to do things outside of the comfort zone. She second guessed her way through some things that should’ve been an incredible adventure. She wore out and spent her emotions like it was nothing. And then something happened. This girl started listening to the wisdom and wonder from those who knew her best. Everything started coming together. This girl made a decision that no longer would her emotions plague her from stepping up and doing something new and differentShe decided that there were some things that needed to change. She decided to do something completely opposite of what she knew.

Obviously this girl is me. I can’t hide things from you all. I’m a big dreamer and I love laughing and being silly. I love celebrating with people. I love learning from people. But for whatever reason, I would get to the edge and then start thinking. I would start thinking and second guessing myself. And then, after all that thinking, I would put my gym clothes on, sit on my couch and eat yogurt (Yes. This is true. I know gym clothes are for the gym and not for eating froyo. But that’s what I would do!). When it comes to doing things out of my comfort zone, I DON’T LIKE IT. That’s why it’s called comfort zone. It’s where you’re most comfortable; it’s not met with expectations or chores. It’s just the zone. My comfort zone: my apartment. It’s cozy and full of my favorite things. I have a vintage, brocade couch that is comfy and is full of my most favorite comfy blankets and pillows. I do my best writing, dancing and singing, my best cooking and dreaming here. But at some point, you have to realize the more you stay here, the less likely you are to do anything out of the ordinary. I’m a psych student. I am a bit timid for some odd reason and I observe. I watch everything. It’s easy for me to shrink back and just smile than be an active participant.

Well friends, I did it. Last week was all about doing things that scare me. My sisters and I got to go to the Taylor Swift concert. Not a scary thing, but meeting people other than my family was not on my game plan. There was a couple in our box that I didn’t know and I actually spoke with them quite a bit. Most of it was promising I’m naturally this fun and did not need another drink. I helped plan a luncheon in honor of my Uncle Steve. I had conversations with people who my uncle had influenced and mentored and worked with. It wasn’t sad; it was bittersweet. I went to a concert for a guy who I introduced myself to via Facebook!? WHAT? Yes. I don’t do that! I am not that girl. And, I actually went. That’s the thing. I say I’ll do a lot of things or I’ll go a lot of places, but because I don’t know anyone else going or I don’t know exactly where it is, I stop and then don’t commit.

I am so glad I fought the ginormous knot that was formed in my stomach and  went to the concert on Friday night. I ended up meeting some wonderful people that I consider friends now (one of which, shares my name! WHAT?! Lindse(a)ys are awesome). I met the rest of a family that I’ve come to love and adore from my church. I laughed so hard and probably showed more of my “sarcastic, nerd” side a bit more than I’d like to admit. I observed a lot, but tried to snap myself out of that quick. I did something new and enjoyed it.

I needed last weekend. I needed to laugh and get to know new people. I needed to spend time with people who were fun and exciting and don’t mind just being themselves. It’s refreshing getting out of my way and experiencing new things. Why? Because moments like this won’t always be available. At some point down the road, my life is going to change. I won’t always just be Linds on her brocade couch. As I was so tired on Sunday after church, I got in my car and just prayed. I told God I was so thankful for where I am, because no amount of money would be enough for me to skip through this section of my life. I know I hate waiting, but sometimes, the waiting is the best part. You get moments like this weekend, where you can toss out the old self and do something new and exciting… yes, even going somewhere without your normal crew and surroundings.

All that to say, try something new. Do something that you normally wouldn’t. It’s good for you.



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