Confession: I’m Super Girl…

Despicable Me

I don’t know about you, but I think about Super Girl a lot. But not the Super Girl you’re thinking of. I think of this one…


This Super Girl was drawn by my sister Jessica and it hangs above my desk at work. I often find myself looking at this picture and giggling, but on some days, this is the picture that makes me press on, looking brightly at whatever obstacle staring me in the face. What my sister doesn’t know is how much this picture means to me.

I have to shed some light on this. I don’t have the typical relationships with my sisters. I have 2 younger sisters and there’s a significant age gap between myself and Hailey (10 years; the youngest). When I was growing up, I always wanted siblings. You saw it on TV all the time. DJ Tanner had 2 sister and it only made sense that Lindsay should have 2 sisters too! (You think I’m kidding…I was obsessed with Full House, Growing Pains and Laverne and Shirley. Oh and you can’t forget the Munsters and I Dream of Jeannie… I digress…) I used to watch Full House when I was younger and watch how DJ and Stephanie talked to each other. They were some what mean and not sweet. It was more they were sweet when they knew Dad or Uncle Jesse was around. That is typical. My relationship with my girls… not typical at all.

The last couple months have been challenging for more reasons than one. We’ve faced significant loss in our Uncle Steve, problems getting financial aid approved for both me and Jess which is a stress unto itself, a list of changes within our family unit, like me moving out on my own. A lot of things have changed for us and each day is a new day. I honestly have to say I would’ve lost it if I didn’t have my church. I talk about my job a lot and my family, but my church is what has helped me be the woman I am right now. Our church has done 2 series that have redefined how and what I do. First was Despicable Me, which if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. I watched it by myself (which was a VERY good thing because I CRIED. Like if anyone was watching with me, they probably would look at me like I’m an emotional basket case) and waited for how my pastor was going to work this all out. I can honestly say, there are some parts of me that despicable and I didn’t know until I was confronted by the Word of God. We moved from that to The Beatitudes. If you haven’t read the Beatitudes before, you’re missing some Jesus’ most important messages. I’ve read them hundreds of times between Sunday School, going to private school and going to a bible college and a Christian university. But study them? Like to the point I’m living out what Jesus is speaking? No way. I did some research and learned so much that in just doing the research, the process of me changing took a deeper meaning. Paul says it best in Romans 7. He talks about the things he doesn’t want to do, he finds himself doing and the things he wants to, he doesn’t. The Beatitudes confront those very issues. By far my favorite message: “You’re blessed when you are content with just who you are, no more no less; That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought”.

One of the biggest things in my quest to be Super Girl is this very thing. Being content with just who I am. I’m a quirky, goofy, nerd who loves to read and write and sing and dance, ALL OF IT. I’ve never fit in with the people I’m “supposed” to fit in with. I’ve stood out for many reasons, like my weight being too much, my hair being either blonde or brunette, my height not being enough, or being that nerd who could finish quotes from tv shows/movies and my personal favorite, books. It’s been so hard trying to figure out just exactly who Lindsay is until the last couple years. Turning 27 was both crazy and exciting. Crazy because I’m 3 years away from a new decade, which doesn’t terrify me like people have told me and exciting because I’ve never been so expectant in my life. This is the story of the next year for all of us. Being expectant because we’re finally content with just who we are. Will I ever fully be comfortable being Lindsay? Probably not. I get just as a nervous as everyone else doing new things. Just last night I did something that I normally wouldn’t and walked away with new friends and the most fun Saturday morning every. There are moments where I look at myself and think “Why would say that?!” and others where I wish I would have said anything to make myself heard. My Super Girl is going to look extremely different from yours, but the most exciting thing is that when you become content, your “super identity” will be custom fit just for you…

Thank you Jesus for that…

My confession: I’m Super Girl because I’ve learned and am continuing to learn contentment. No more. No less.

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