Obsessed: Duchess Kate

July 22nd, 2013. Everyone watched and waited for Prince George Alexander Louis

It should be prefaced that I am just a mere commoner who is absolutely ALL IN when it comes to William and Kate. I sat and watched the Royal Wedding with a blanket on my head and a tea cup in my hand. I promise it made sense to me and my sisters. While they looked at me like I was a crazy person, it got me in the moment. 🙂 Now, I’m a Cherokee Indian with a smattering of English, German (oh Lord), Irish (YES), and some New Yorker (it’s a thing. I promise. You can tell by how fast the voice changes from normal to ANGRY. It’s a Barb thing). While that is quite the smattering of culture, I will always lean toward the English. Why? Because I think in a British accent (it’s true) and I love tea and crumpets. I also love the fact that there is so much regard and respect for royalty. It’s historic. It all started with Princess Diana. My mom told me stories about Princess Di and how she was unlike other royals. She cared about people, and would leave her comfort zone to reach out and try to help them however she could. I understand she was not perfect, but to the people, she was the people’s princess. My favorite picture of her is where she’s speaking with Mother Teresa. Mother was one of the most, if not the most, giving people of them all. The Brits loved everything that Di did. She raised her boys as normal as she could. I remember when she died. I was 11. I remember watching with my mom as they released the story. And I remember watching William and Harry grow up. Although we’re in America, I always wanted to know what was happening.



Everyone watched, speculating what Kate’s dress would look like. They wanted to see what Pippa wore. And the HATS!!!! It was a sight to be seen! And of course, 2 years later, an heir is born.

I’ve posted numerous, witty (well… at least to me) things about the Royal baby. I’ve had several people who think “well, she has to be serious, because NO ONE WOULD BE FUNNY ABOUT THE ROYAL BABY”. Well, you commoners, I was kidding. What person in their right mind would say they needed to write the Royal, nameless (at the time) baby a letter?! I had a few people (mostly the dudes I work with) asking me if I’m obsessed with the Royal baby. Well, GENTLEMEN, I am not obsessed, but I’m completely taken by the Royals.

The Dudes just chuckled and said “yeaaaaaaa ok, Linds. You’re obsessed, but you don’t want to admit it”. But honestly, it’s the story of Kate that is so inspiring. She was a commoner. She wasn’t the least bit royal, but she ended up in a palace. She wasn’t exactly Cinderella, but she went from a completely normal, private life to falling in love with one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors and marrying him. If there’s a story that all single girls, young and old, want, it’s the idea of a fairy tale. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t date much in high school. I was friends with the all the guys, and because they liked my parents, I stayed in the friend zone. I got to college, dated the first guy I saw and thought for a minute that we would be together for a long time. Well, upon coming home from a Thanksgiving trip with his family, I found my heart smashed to smithereens and self doubt inevitably ensued. I doubted if I was pretty and had anything a man would be interested in. It would take 4 years for me to start to figure out that I was pretty, that God had a plan and purpose and obviously, having someone to share it all with would eventually come along. The great thing about Kate: she gives the air of effortless beauty. She holds her head high and keeps herself in the moment. I have faced numerous trials and all my reactions and responses have never been the least “Kate like”. Kate and William are humans; they are royals, but they are human beings. I’m sure they face the same doubts we do and have the same discussions about what they’ll be doing over the weekend. When you live under a microscope, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of it all and forget that even the most popular royals are humans and have lives to live. The coolest thing we can take away from Kate: her confidence and beauty is one for the books. It’s something to be admired and looked at with a smile that if a normal, common girl can find a prince, so can all of us normal girls! Moral of the story: be confident in who you are!

So, if there is someone I am absolutely amazed by… it’d be Duchess Kate… So, my obsession this week, well, this month rather… Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.



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