Hunger Games: Trying to be healthy and not starving…

I love food. I do. I’m not afraid to admit that and if you’ve seen my pictures over the years, you’d see that ON MY FACE. It seems that whenever I gain weight, it goes straight to my face. When I was little I was short, but slender. We ate healthy. I hit the awkward kids years and apparently ate my dinner and my sister’s. Poor Jess. Sorry you were hungry sis! (Kidding, but it looked like I ate everyone’s dinner in my house). I was never confident in myself or how I looked when I was in Middle School and High School. I didn’t get confident until I went to the doctor when I was 16. I just needed help. We found a program that would work for me and I’d like to say it did. It was the summer before my Sophomore year. While I did change some of my habits, I think it was nerves that made me lose weight. I was starting at a new school, where academics were number 1 and the social groups were already established. If I were going to make it at that school, I’d have to really be something. I lost weight by not ever being hungry at school. I was also an advanced ballet student at what will go down as my favorite dance school I ever had the opportunity of attending. It was in those classes that my teachers noticed something in me. Miss Sandy was my 4:20 class teacher. She was the class I used to warm up before Mr. Matthew’s class at 5:30-7 or sometimes later. Sandy had the most beautiful feet ever and I remember the moment she looked at my feet, although they were not the typical ‘dancer’s feet’, and said “My word Lindsay… You’re a dancer”.

“Lindsay, what does dancing have to do with your problems with weight in high school?” Dancing was the only place where all the girls were on the same playing field. You were allowed to work hard and be competitive and it was going to make you better. No doubt about it. In all truth, I didn’t want to lose weight in high school so all the kids would like me and I would get a boyfriend. I wanted to lose weight because the one thing I loved and the thing I thought I would do for the rest of my life hung in the balance.

Now, as you all have probably figured out, I am not a professional dancer. I hurt myself too much to make it to a career in the big leagues (shin splints, pulled and torn hip flexers, arch problems, I even think I broke a toe a few times…). But, it’s amazing what we’re willing to do for something we love. Throughout the last couple years, I’ve faced a lot of things that caused EXTRA STRESS. I wouldn’t sleep, I’d stress eat and I quit working out. The first go round of this behavior only brought on an extra 25 pounds maybe. I went back to the doctor and we made the same decision: find a program and stick with it. Lost those 25 and a little extra, but when winter hit and I was struggling with… well, being a single 24 year old girl watching all my friends move on with their lives, you can image what I turned to. FOOD. So again, another trip back to my doctor where tests were done again. Maybe it’s my thyroid, or something else. NOPE. I love food. I could’ve told the doctor that! But what we did find out gave me a little insight to what was going on. My doctor gave me my results and told me I needed to make some serious decisions about my habits because I was showing signs of Insulin Resistance. Insulin Resistance is usually a pre-diabetic diagnosis and all the symptoms I had, were pointing that direction. So, I got serious. Of course, my weight still fluctuates, but for the most part, I’ve learned what I can have and what I can’t. Have I always followed the plan? NOPE. Why? BECAUSE FOOD IS AWESOME AND IT TASTES DELICIOUS. It’s funny, well in this case not funny, how something tragic can throw you into a tail spin. When my uncle died, I was a wreck. I’ll share about him later, but he was my biggest fan and always said I was beautiful the way I was. When I told him about my health issues, he was the first one to say, “Linds, this isn’t something you should play with. You need to make a decision to stick with this or not. No if’s. Just do it. LIKE NIKE! That can be your slogan!” The moment he was gone, my inspiration for living changed. I took it seriously. I started going to therapy because as a person in ministry and a counseling student, the first thing you learn is that you can’t help others if you aren’t helping yourself. I can’t help people to the best of my abilities without getting my stuff in order! After that, I talked with a dietician and worked with my mom on a vitamin regimen and went back to the gym. And now we come to today and I’ve lost 25 pounds at least and it’s been 4 months…

I told you all I would post a health and beauty (I just added the beauty part… 🙂 ) post and start sharing with you some of my tricks. The other night, I made dinner for my sister. It was a gluten free dinner of quinoa with a salsa of avocado, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, black beans and corn with a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper. I also broiled chicken and there was watermelon. 🙂


all I used… Just looking at this picture makes me want to eat ALL OF THE LEFTOVERS… 

IMG_3126 IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3129

the final product… 

Quinoa is a protein and I love rice and all the carb filled pastas. I had to start making some serious changes and I started purchasing quinoa pastas. They may have extra calories, but they are in the end healthier for you. Chips are another story. I love munching on all sorts of crunchy things. I have found some great chips that are gluten free and made with blue corn. Tostitos actually has my favorite chips. Target has a great brand that is called Simply Balanced. Their blue corn and flax seed chips are AMAZING. They have popcorn too. Let’s just say, when I get really excited about new healthy stuff, I ‘d love to eat it all right then. Told you I love food! Carrots and peppers are my favorite things to have prepped and ready to eat any time. It helps cut out the options of junk. A lot of the foods I stumble upon are from pinterest and a fellow blogger from Amy Bryan. I’ve had to get excited about food that normally I wouldn’t have been excited about. I’ve had to change my favorite coffee order to something that is much less calories and not stuffed with sugar. These are things we have to be willing to do if we want to live life as long as possible! If you have ideas of recipes to try, I’m not scared! Send them to me at and I will give them a shot! If I can go to a famous burger joint in OKC and order a black bean burger and LIKE IT, I am up to try anything! 🙂




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