Confession #1



I’m obsessed with what we call reality television.

First of all, Hello! Thank you for the wonderful comments and welcome notes. This is the first time I’ve felt like people have read anything I’ve written and that is so cool! Even if you clicked here by accident, I don’t believe that it was… I hope I’m able to encourage, uplift and inspire others like me. People who wish and hope that one day I’ll have the time to put in the time and effort to …. fill in the blank. My question would be what is your fill in the blank? If there’s one thing you could do, right now, what would it be? If it’s writing, THEN WRITE! If it’s reading, READ TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT! There are things you can do right now that could be a stepping stone to something else! 🙂

Second…I know. REALITY TV. I know it’s not really reality because if it were reality, you’d be following me from the moment I wake up with my crazy disheveled hair and old t-shirt and running shorts to my workout at the gym to my day at the office. That is reality. I have had to become a morning person so I can get the most out of my days. If I don’t have coffee, there’s a problem the rest of the day. I don’t like having to eat healthy all the time, but I do. I don’t like spending money paying my bills, but if I don’t, the lights and internet get shut off and we all know that’d be AWFUL! I think the problem is what we think reality is. Let me equate this to The Bachelorette. Des is a beautiful girl. She’s surrounded by pretty dudes who have hot bods. I hate to burst your bubbles, but that’s not reality. It’s not real. Hollywood does a great job of telling us how it should be. But after every chick flick I watch, I have to remind myself that’s not real… if only it were…

I am not coming down on anyone. Why? because I’m just as guilty as you are for having this fascination with reality TV. I remember the first season of the Bachelor. My mom was horrified that there was a show where one man is surrounded by 24 girls who throw themselves at him and end up in the fantasy suite. In fact, I believe the words “Lindsay, there will be NO VISITING ANY FANTASY SUITES FOR YOU YOUNG LADY” being spoken. I was 16. I was at that age where you start envisioning what your future will look like. You begin noticing what the “famous” girls look like and you want to do whatever it takes to look like them. Why? because those girls get the guys. I can’t tell you how many meals I skipped, how many different colors I dyed my hair and how many different styles of clothes I tried before I started to realize that’s not reality. If I’m honest, which I am and will always be on here, this is what we’re teaching our girls. I’m not the skinniest or tallest girl on the block. In fact, I’m a healthy size 10, 5’5 girl who has to work HARD to lose weight and to fit into my favorite jean shorts! It’s only recently that I’ve started to see the beauty I have. It’s hard to pretend that being a girl in this day and age is easy. So why pretend?

If there’s anything I want to do, it’s build up the girls around me to see there’s no need to pretend! You were created the way you are on purpose. There’s only one you on this planet. You are an answer to someone whether you realize it or not. So be confident in who you are. Be you. Be you and don’t wish away your reality. The reality you have been given is so unique and beautiful to who you are… don’t get busy wishing that away for a TV show diva and the hot bod men that don’t really exist.

So, my confession:: I’m Lindsay. I’m 5’5, size 10, my weight fluctuates between 175-180 (And that’s on a good day! I’ve weighed as much as 200 before. I ain’t scared to admit that… that story will come up later). I love Harry Potter (we share the same birthday). I love to laugh. I love to write (duh!). I love to dream and look ahead. I love to pray and sing. I’m a devoted to Christ girl who can’t think straight without praying and worshiping throughout the day. I HATE pretending to be cool. I’m not cool, and I’m totally ok with that. And I have a bit of an obsession with reality (or lack there of) television.

What’s your confession? Who are you? What are some things you can appreciate right now?

UP NEXT ON iamlindsdavis… Maybe a cooking segment… I’m on this new gluten free kick… I’ll share something cool with the story of why I’m quite picky about what I eat…




3 thoughts on “Confession #1

  1. I’ve never quite understood why some just eat gluten free. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂

    • Oh girl! I just started my study on it. So I’m WAAAAAAAY NEW to the gf world. I’ve become more aware of it because of my own health struggles. So, there will be lots more to discuss! 🙂 oh, and the horrors of thinking you’re being healthy when really, you’re justifying your cravings. That’s a HUGE topic for me! Hahah! It’ll be fun to discuss for sure!

      • Ah, okay! Well either way, looking forward to it! I’d love to hear another POV. Plus I also struggle with health issues, too.

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