it’s real! I’m a (dot)com!

I’m such a nerd.

The first post (which was a picture only… ridiculous I know) was back in May. That just goes to show you that some things take a lot of time to develop. At the time when I opened this blog, I had just got back from a conference that was all about leadership and growth and all sorts of inspirational things. I listened to other peoples stories about their new found “love” and how “empowered” they felt now that they were “successful”. Well, I’ve always loved writing. I’ve felt that I have something to say (or in this case, WRITE) and I’ve had a blog on one of those sites that every high schooler and their mom has, but no one read it. I would post it to facebook and still, not many would read what I had to say. So I stopped…


Yes. I stopped. I stopped writing and it felt like I cut off my creativity. But I’m a ghost writer for someone else, so that had to count. In my eyes, that was enough. I could write for someone else and could still have an outlet. But it wasn’t my outlet. You can’t do that! You can’t use someone else’s outlet and say, “yeah, I feel good that I wrote my stories and gave my opinion…” That really doesn’t work.

So, after a week where I got to write a little and put my creative spin on some research for an upcoming sermon series, and a very fun text conversation with another fellow blogger and awesome friend, I did it. I purchased the domain and that means this is real. Sooooo, to whoever stumbles upon this little blog full of musings from this almost 27 year old, I hope you join me in this wonderment and I hope we can grow together and learn from one another… and maybe, you get a little inspired to do what scares you…

So, tonight, July 5th, 2013… #IAMablogger



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